Spacion Terminal is our flexible RFID solution for contact-less access control and payment. Our terminals come with different components, allowing you to even use external devices like cash dispensers, card payment terminals or turnstiles. We have fully-featured solutions for payment and top up, as well as access control and age verification. The flexible construction of each terminal allows us to depict your individual setup. We are also able to support a own currency for your event, if you would like to.

Our terminals support Ethernet, WiFi and 3G/4G connection with fallback function. If you really get stuck during your outdoor event without any Internet access, using the terminals offline is possible due to a local cache. For power, we decided to use micro USB with 5V/2A, so you can simply put a power bank to your terminals to use it right away even in the prairie. *

Of course, Spacion is able to provide you with RFID wristbands in different quality, color and materials, even printing your logo on some variants. Cheap RFID wristbands starts at 1 cent.

More information is coming soon! Stay tuned.
* Optional components like cash dispensers may need different power supply.