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Spectrum is an analysis solution for your event and social media performance. It allows you to keep track of the performance of other events and provides you with historical data, too. Linking your own accounts allows you to get in-detail insights from Facebook and Instagram.

Instagram Dashboard

Instagram Dashboard

The Instagram dashboard allows you to view various statistics for the accounts you are monitoring, including a quick overview about the stories and posts created today. The statistics also includes relevant key figures (e.g. followers). We will go into a more detailed view later, showing that Spectrum allows you to perfectly monitor social media performance and progress, for example by looking at only the timeframes you specify. You know exactly at which point in time you reached follower milestones and you can see your inflow/outflow rates per hour.

Because of being closely connected with Instagram, Spectrum realizes if an account posts a new story or new content. These events are drawn directly into the charts, which allows you to evaluate the performance of a specific post. The competitive features of Spectrum social media analysis allows you to compare the performance of your event with other events and recognize trends.

Spectrum is a powerful tool to analyze your Social Media performance and compare it to competitors, allowing you to be always one step ahead!

Event Management

Event Management

The event management of Spectrum allows you to manage the events you are monitoring at one central place. This includes your own events, which are imported using your Facebook account, and foreign events, which are imported by giving their Facebook links to Spectrum or using the integrated search. You can even import all events belonging to a specific Facebook page, giving you great flexibility. Own events allow you to view even more statistics and look at their historical background, as the most insights are only available for the event owners.

A very special function of Spectrum is the integrated Event Discovery: Once you have it activated and specified parameters, Spectrum automatically looks for new events on Facebook which meet the parameters. The parameters can include the place of the event, time periods, organizers and contributing artists. You are even allowed to set some more restrictions, e.g. only add events of a certain size.

Spectrum helps you to never again miss out any upcoming event and have your competitors on the radar!

Instagram Analysis

Instagram Analysis

Spectrum easily allows you to monitor Instagram accounts by just entering their name. After that, you are only one click away from various statistics and automatic content monitoring. The Instagram feature is fully integrated with Facebook, you can import the Instagram account assigned with your linked Facebook account with just one click.

Imported Instagram account are regularly scanned for new stories and content. If anything happens, you can choose to get a notification in real time by Spectrum. You can watch the feed and stories of all your monitored accounts like as you are used to on Instagram. As a special feature, Spectrum caches stories for a limited time, so you are able to view stories later, even if they have expired some time ago. This allows you for example to have some free time on the weekend and look into it on Monday without missing anything relevant.

Spectrum keeps configuration easy and powerful, giving you an efficient way to make Spectrum fit your needs!

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